bring your audacious idea to market
This is it - the one for those who know that they're onto something and want to get it out there - URGENTLY!!!

what will you get?
you pick & choose - 1:1, in a public workshop or as an enterprise, we will design a process which will take you to where you need to go
Business plans, marketing plans, strategic plans, where to start and how to present? The slingshot cycles through why, who, what, employing different perspectives and paradigms until you can present plans that articulate your best of best work.
Whether you're bootstrapping or fundraising you need communication materials - the slingshot helps you find your voice and your message so you can convince the right people to do what you need them to do.
You've got to manage production, productivity, and people; the best processes and systems free up creativity and opportunity. The slingshot includes the latest insights into process design and implementation.
what's it really like?
Melanie has developed a course that provides a real set of practical tools to provoke an insightful and value-ful way forward for the small business owner. This is such a vital course for anyone who feels lost or stuck in their life's work - unsure about how to begin to plot a new way forward, to figure out how they want to work, with whom, and to whom, at what price? It also provides a rare opportunity to meet and relate to other small business owners, who, believe it or not, are also trying to climb mountains!
Lisa Younger
Activate Space
What really resonated with me was the proposition that earning an income and achieving your life purpose can and really should be one and the same thing. The programme requires commitment to the process if one is to optimise on its benefits, and taking a critical look at your business and yourself was tough - but stimulated innovative out the box solutions and ideas. This was an investment not only in the small business I run but in myself as well.
Samantha Horowitz
Totem Media
It's hard work, questioning SELF purpose, value and strengths and also facing personal weaknesses in a gentle and caring environment and mostly connecting with others in the same space, and thus, valuable and sincere support. But, Melanie, Thank you, it was 'delicious' and amazing! You have a way to say things!
Designer Creator
The course was a simple step by step process whereby we all learned to think about our projects critically taking them from just an idea to a real brand with a clear value proposition and pricing. Along the way I learned how to develop the critical thinking and independence of my staff amongst other useful insights. The support of the groups and input from Melanie were fantastic.
Bev Russell
Social Surveys Africa
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