Forward to Business

You and your business will survive the pandemic,
but it's not always obvious HOW you'll get through.
it's time to get off the ride
The "New Normal" is already here.
But it will change again.
That's OK - navigating uncertainty is the scale-ability superpower.
we start with what we know:
For so long business has focused solely on profit and ego, so it's been a huge shock that the response to COVID-19 has been to subordinate everything to general health and well being - economic survival, production, revenue, everything has taken a back seat to managing the infection curve. This change will continue to shift values into the future; so the sooner you restructure towards people-centric systems and culture, the further you can stay ahead of the curve.
(the flattened curve...)
Post Traumatic Growth
The anxiety, and fear generated by the pandemic will have long term consequences.
People will emerge with symptoms ranging from insomnia and impaired concentration, all the way to depression, and social anxiety.
But as with every trauma, you have a choice between post traumatic stress, and post traumatic growth.
By immediately initiating structures to redesign your organisational culture, you can drive, not only cohesion, but also productivity and growth.
Old Habits
New Expectations
Habits are powerful, and the desire to get back to "normal" will be overwhelming. However, old habits will not provide the effort needed to catch-up production and revenue.
You will also want to exploit all those efficiencies you've discovered with remote work and the new levels of autonomy experienced by remote workers.
That "normal" is gone, and it is essential to design and habituate the New Normal as fast as possible.
Complex Adaptive Systems
Teams must be equipped to manage and operate in emerging ecosystems.
To do that, decision structures have to be devolved to maximise alignment and swift response.
A complex adaptive system consists of a group of semi-autonomous agents who interact in interdependent ways to produce system-wide patterns - exactly what you need to operate effectively in uncertainty.
Our experience in leveraging meaning and autonomy to accelerate innovation and productivity makes us the ideal partner for navigating uncertainty.
We set a comfortable weekly fee, structured to escalate as profitability recovers and milestones are achieved
We agree on an outcome - what we want it to look like when we're done
We design a metric which can be easily tracked to verify when our outcome has been achieved
We take a baseline measurement
We conduct individual structured interviews with all employees
Design and Present
We design and present a project plan, including milestones and expectations
Implement, Measure, Report... Repeat
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How long before we see results?
CEOs of previous client organisations claim to have seen results on day one.
Generally the baseline survey and interview cycle bring some relief as everyone feels heard and starts to realise that help is at hand.
When can we start
The initial scoping interview can be conducted almost immediately on Skype or Zoom, but we operate with limited capacity, so will schedule clients based on urgency and complexity.
What's with the weekly fee?
Speed is of the essence with this sort of work, so weekly payments are used to sharpen focus and tighten feedback loops.
How much is a "comfortable fee"?
Most businesses are having to tighten their belts, but this work is urgent. We are happy to provide extended payment plans in the form of gently escalating fees to accommodate the current uncertainty.
What if our customers have shifted?
Indeed - customer needs may have shifted radically. Part of our process is to introduce agile planning. This enables your business to respond quickly and effectively to the changing needs of your market.
How do we find data on our customers?
We operate in a network of like minded partner organisations, and are in the process of designing a New Normal add-on which provides data-driven customer-centric intervention.
What do the experts say?
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge - 7 Winning War Strategies to Beat COVID-19 Newsletter 04-22-2020 (1)-April 22, 2020
We employ people to do this, why should we use you?
Firstly, their compass has been spun as much as the rest of you, and they could also do with some support.
Secondly, they know what it used to look like, so their pull back to the lost normal will be as strong as everyone else.
Our biggest advantage is that we don't know what your business is "supposed" to look like.
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