Do your best work
...because for many of us, work is entwined with our identity.
...however, work is a collective act, making cooperation crucial for success.
...but we receive little guidance or education in cooperation, resulting in workplace friction and factions.
...we work with business leaders to craft workplaces that encourage cooperation and reduce friction.
...we give their colleagues all the tools, information and support they need to take advantage of the environment for both personal and collective success. offering new perspectives and process options. creating bespoke workshops and interventions to reshape culture and operations towards ingenuity and connection.

Lerato Sekele
Creative Connector
I'm driven by human energy.
Seeing people prosper and become better versions of themselves is what fuels me.
This is the ethos I would like to impart to business leaders - to build better working relationships with their employees.
Motho ke motho ka batho ( I am because you are). Let us help you transform the impossible.
Melanie Keartland
Management Mechanic
I believe that everyone deserves an opportunity to flourish - especially you, and especially now.
So I either spend my time in organisations helping people bring meaning, motivation and excellence to their work, or voraciously researching new ways to do so.
Hans Eloff
People Engineer
I work to see people being successful and reaching their full potential. Key to people being the best version of themselves is their ability to build positive work relationships, a clear understanding of what they need to do, and having ownership and responsibility. In helping people grow in these areas I focus on providing structure and building competence.
flourish - verb - flour·ish \ ˈflər-ish , ˈflə-rish \
to achieve success : prosper : to be in a state of activity or production : to reach a height of influence
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