"Companies focus too much on what they want to sell to their customers, rather than what those customers really need. What's missing is empathy:
a deep understanding of what problems customers are trying to solve"
- Clayton Christensen
Excavate your Purpose
provide an internal bench mark which will:
  • Align people and activities
  • Market and build loyalty in clients and suppliers
  • Grow and innovate your business
Purpose Lottery
Every-one is given the opportunity to submit a purpose. Enabling input from across the organisation demonstrates trust and value, and is essential in understanding different perspectives, we also frequently learn something – buy-in is a useful side effect
Purpose Workshop
Three hour workshops in which participants are taken through the concept of purpose as applied in a business context, contributions from the lottery are grouped and discussed, and then break away groups are given the opportunity to debate, refine and then present their ideas
Every business started with a purpose, it may have been forgotten, and it may have evolved, but the leadership are the ones who really know. The Purpose Problem process provides company leadership with all the tools and insight they need to define a final purpose concept for the organisation
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