Hunting a BHAG
A Big Hairy Audacious Goal is a long term vision that stretches an organisation beyond its daily operations towards something that will make a real difference in the world.
Following are some initial thoughts:
Mind/Life Gym
Much like gym; a physical place one can go to, to train in:
Listening, Empathy, Happiness, Grit, Mastery, Confidence, Emotional Control, Collaboration, Motivation etc.
A subscription model with memberships for individuals and organisations.
Obliged to Flourish
Every organisation, everywhere, formally committed to ensuring that every employee flourish, including a detailed plan and budget to get there.
Universal Basic Income
Jobs are disappearing, and without the flow of money, business cannot survive. We need to find a new model for living, for allocating value, for engendering respect.
We can encourage everyone to make the world a better place if they are not bowing under bad jobs just to survive. Research has shown that UBI improves outcomes for everyone.
Marketing Misses
Exploiting diversity is crucial - our best successes as a species come not from confirmation, but from combining difference, but we hate it - we gravitate, nay hurtle towards that which is the same.
So there is endless "diversity training" - blah blah blah, we all smile and nod, but this problem resides deep in the unconscious, in our survival instincts.
We know this - and modern marketing techniques are getting better and better at understanding and accessing those bits.
What about a massive marketing campaign selling women? All colours, all sizes, all creeds. It has been building for a while, but often a little ham handed - we need to go bigger, more subtle - don't know what it looks like, but it sounds like fun.
More ideas please
Your insight is valued and appreciated
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