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There’s a prevailing myth that if an organisation is not thriving, it must be the fault of leadership.
But, this simply isn't true, most dysfunction is systemic. And leaders are as much a part of the system as anyone else.
Unfortunately we have all been numbed to systemic friction by the institutions we grew up in and how we see systems playing out around us.
In fact the systems are so pervasive, that both the problem and the solution have become invisible.
But what if...
...both employees and management are seen as reasonable people that want to do good work? is a place of enthusiastic collaboration in pursuit of a meaningful purpose?
...very few rules and restrictions are necessary because everyone is energised to make great work happen?
...decisions are made at the heart of the problem by the individual who has the expertise & interest to contribute?
...disagreement and discussion are welcome, making it easy to present ideas and encouraging robust solutions?
...your organisation is seen as a living organism, aimed at realising its full potential?
So if...
...your organisation has hit a spurt and you want to grow with your market.
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...the friction in your office is taking up too much of your time and attention.
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My name is Courtney and I am a designer based in Berlin. I specialize in user experience design, experiential graphic design and calligraphy.
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