the future is uncertain
everyone depends on you
there is no proven solution
do you make good decisions

to a new way of working
Introducing the MESA Method
A team based, accelerated work process designed to support business leaders making complex decisions in increasingly uncertain conditions.
The MESA Method is not a new and better solution, but a technique for creating quick, actionable solutions in response to change.
Carefully selected specialists committed to building your solution
Mission focusing everyone on building a functional prototype
Hours of dedicated skills and expertise focused on your solution

Build a prototype in 5 days
The result of a MESA is to deliver a working prototype that embodies all the constraints (budget, time, brand) the organisation is facing.

The further toward reality the prototype moves; the more hidden constraints and priorities come to the surface, driving decisions that produce results.
A new fitness category:
A fully functional gym with equipment, classes, schedules, and a communication strategy and design.
A new product direction:
A new healthy strategy for a food manufacturer including recipes, samples and manufacturing machine decisions.
A video series:
Story lines, character arcs and a full pilot - filmed, edited and in the bag.
solve Associates
Melanie Keartland
Founder/Executive - scale-ability
Adanma Yisa
Founder/Creative Director - Black Coconut
Chris Deeks
Director - OnOffline Data
Stacey Leader
Architect and Design Specialist
by scale-ability
Lerato Sekele
Experience Administrator - scale-ability

How we work
the mission
After the initial interview you will be presented with a first draft of the MESA mission which describes the desired outcome of your MESA.
Once agreed, the Mission will be the basis for assembling the team.
The final Mission will be revealed on day 2 of the MESA process.
The team
Once the Mission has given us a clear idea of the desired outcome of the MESA, the skills and knowledge required to fulfill the brief are enumerated, and the best possible candidates for the MESA are sought, approached and engaged for the task.

the panel
At the end of the final day of the MESA, the prototype is presented to a high level panel of guests.
This panel consists of any executives or directors who will have approval or oversight of the project, as well as any other critical stakeholders.
After the presentation, refreshments will be served.
Day 1 - Presentations to understand the problem and finalise the Mission
Day 2 - Mission revealed and solution discussions
Day 3 - Decisions are made and prototypes proposed and modeled
Day 4 - The final prototype is built
Day 5 - The prototype is finished and presented
The fee is all inclusive -
Planning & Design
Venue & Catering / tech needs for a remote MESA
Materials & Tech
Experts & Specialists

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