Messy Ideas

Making Money

Method one is to get a job where you are a cog in a big machine, suck-up any frustration, make peace with your pay grade, maximise the regularity of your income and manage your money to create wealth.

If for any reason you find yourself outside of the big machines of the economy, do not, and I repeat NOT search for a "brilliant idea" to make money.

To build anything sustainable you have to focus on service, excellence, and discomfort.

- Who can you serve consistently, willingly, and authentically?

- What keeps you perennially curious, engaged, and determined to improve?

And once you find this intersection, you must embrace relentless discomfort.

Assume nothing about those you serve, find opportunities to spend time with those people, ears wide, mouth shut - even when you think you know the answer, sit on your hands, count to fifty, learn, challenge assumptions, explore, have the difficult conversations.

And the same goes for your process, take excellence to the extreme, make your idiosyncrasies incredible, break your boundaries, defy gravity, go where no-one has gone before.

And tell people, tell the people who need your excellent service - put yourself out there until you feel awkward, embarrassed, and then push the discomfort another 70%.

Mainstream is for machines with economies of scale, incremental improvement, and repetitive results - the edges belong to everyone else.

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