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Look't meee

Look't mee Mommy - look't meeeee
We all start out demanding attention, parading our achievements, jostling for attention, and then we become self conscious. It's a normal process of growing up, becoming more aware of other people, coming to terms with the need for sharing, finding our spot in various collective systems.
And then you end up with people waiting to be noticed. When I did my deep research into confidence, the literature claims that there are legions of highly competent women (apparently there is a gender bias) waiting to be noticed. Slogging away day by day waiting for someone to say: "goodness me that's great work, have a raise" or "Wow, you're really consistent and reliable, have this promotion", but it doesn't work like that does it?
Confidence "Trumps" competence all the time, bravado is the thing. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that either is right, the demure or the demanding, but as Seth Godin points out, you do have to pick yourself, speak up, be heard, and no-where is that harder than as a Solopreneur in the noise of social media.
This is a very long hard topic and, one we grapple with in the Solopreneur Compass.
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