Messy Ideas

Bad Thanks

It's that time of year when speeches are made, good will spreads, and gratitude abounds, but not all gratitude is made equal.
In schools, in families, and in businesses I hear some version of the following: "I am so grateful for all the effort you have made, I really appreciate it".
That's good right? Wrong!
It completely fails to answer the most human question of all - What's in it for me?
It implies that all the collective effort, sweat, and strain has been made for the benefit of only the person in charge, the teacher, the parent, the boss. It makes the recipients feel like minions with zero investment in the project. See the problem?
A better version would be something along the lines of - look at the difference we've made to... the future, our progress, the client, our community.
Look at it from the point of view of the gratitudeee, their investment, the intrinsic rewards, and the ultimate destination.
No it's not easy; if it was, everyone would be doing it, and I wouldn't have a blog.
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