Messy Ideas


Let's face it, you can't manage time, you can manage your use of it, but it doesn't matter how clever your scheduling, if you're not concentrating, a half hour job can take all day.
So what about managing your attention?
Attention is becoming a scarce resource and therefor more and more valuable, how do I know this? Because big business is selling yours.
Google search isn't free, you pay for it with your attention - same with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (name your favourite addiction here) - they harvest your attention and sell it onto the highest bidder who then tries to distract you with whatever they're selling.
And they're not the only ones after your attention - family, friends, colleagues, clients, call centre agents, acquaintances, Netflix, the beggar at the traffic light, Coca-Cola, 94.7FM, I could go on all day.
And you wonder why you're so exhausted every night?
You've got choices to make: where to spend your attention, and this is a biggie, so you'd better give it your full Aht-ten-shun!!!
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