Messy Ideas

Cusp of Compliance

For years, compliance was all the rage, and people who didn't tow the line were alternately drop-outs, madmen or genius.
And now we demand diversity, diversity of thinking, diversity of view points, diversity of culture, but do we.....
I think of a voluntary club, which many of my friends pay to belong to, it rewards it's members with little treats and discounts for "healthy" behaviours. For exercising (but only where and when they can measure it), for buying "healthy" products (but only from certain partners), for getting poked and prodded and measured (on demand), it is completely Pavolvian - little treats (which you pay for) for your compliance, your obedience, for "your own good".
The Stepford Wives were a bacchanalian orgy in comparison.
What are we so scared of?
Being ostracized, being laughed at?
What's on the other side of compliance?
Entropy? Chaos?
Can we really value diversity without everything falling apart?
Is chaos so bad?
Will we ever find out?

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