Messy Ideas the new black

We've all heard that we need Empathy and Emotional Intelligence, you can even find 673 000 results for "empathy training Johannesburg" on Google, but why should you bother?

At scale-ability we love big concepts like Empathy, but we also know that there is no point in spending time & money on them unless you can use them, so we like to trace a path from Concept to Tools to Application.

For example: Empathy noun the ability to understand and share the feelings of another.

Associated tool: Persuasion - bludgeoning, shouting, and pushing do not persuade, they polarise. The only effective way to persuade is to understand some-one's world view (empathise), and to assist them to shift it.

Application: Mainly leadership and marketing, which both depend on the ability to persuade some one else to do what you believe is the best course of action.

So, the short answer? Empathy is for Leadership & Marketing.

Now your turn: What is Resilience for?

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