Messy Ideas

Keep it clean...

For the past two decades, we have all been caught up by the preoccupation with health hygiene - what we should be eating, how we should be exercising - it is a billion dollar industry, and a constant debate; are eggs good or bad? Is running healthy or damaging? We all have our pet theories and allegiances, but there is no uncertainty around the 'fact' that looking after our bodies is an essential element of the 'good life'.
The next wave that is slowly gathering momentum is Mind Hygiene - and currently consists of mindfulness, self-awareness, resilience, emotional control, anxiety reduction, and quieting the monkey chatter in our brains. As with health hygiene, it is a process of building a series of values and habits which result in a calmer more measured way of living.
The Vision Quest is built around a number of these tools and interventions...
It's pretty cool.
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