Messy Ideas

What price?

I have been very busy interviewing potential clients, and a couple of times in the last week I have been asked for a financial justification of my work. There is reams of research about the impact of well being, cohesion, and focus on the bottom line, and I can collect, collate, and present with the best of them, but...
This morning I heard that a gentle soul I used to work with took his own life. I have no insight into the circumstances, but I remember him as dedicated, loyal, incredibly intelligent, and unappreciated.
Work is so powerfully entwined with our identity, and sense of worth, but we have made it into a sharp mechanical thing, measured by money. We demand that people leave their emotions at home, and yet we expect passion, creativity, and ownership.
It is 2019 and the world is a rapidly evolving place, connected, concerned, and complicated - we need our people to bring their whole selves to work, and we need to invest in their commitment if we want our businesses to survive.
The real world runs on compassion.
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