Messy Ideas

Cognitive Load

There is busy work, and then there is Business Work; the big important strategic stuff that gets completely swallowed by the rush and fluff of daily demands. Wouldn't it be nice to get it done?
Often it just feels like you've run out of the brain space you need to drive the big fat stuff, to convince your colleagues, to refocus your attention, and you're right, that's exactly what has happened. Your working memory has run out of oomph.

But fear not gentle reader, there is much that can be done -
when you do different types of task can have a huge impact on your effectiveness, how you share ideas with colleagues can also make the difference between indifference and enthusiasm, and of course the environment you chose in which to do complex work, influences your ability to focus.

So, four quick tips:
1. Use a fresh morning brain to do Big Thinks
2. Lead with Why not how
3. Ring fence your attention by limiting distractions for set periods of time
4. Check out the Productivity Power-Up to get your entire organisation Zoom Zoom KERPOW!!!

And... have a fabulous week-end.
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