Messy Ideas

Case for Consultants

One of the biggest problems facing business leaders at all levels is that when they initiate projects, or change or anything, they are perceived as the expert and the go to person; chewing up their time, their brain capacity and their ability to move forward. And these demands keep them trapped long long after the initiative should have been absorbed and owned by the rest of the team.
There are two reasons for this:
1. No one sits in an occupied chair.
2. Second guessing the boss is widely perceived to be a career limiting behaviour.
Enter the... Consultant -
Transient - you have to take what they've got and run with it. In the absence of a forever expert, folk solve for themselves, for their unique situation and take ownership.
Also - there's no fear of a consultant messing with anyone's career; consultant bashing is an international sport, and the minute they're out the door, you can blame them for everything.
So - difficult transition looming? Want to shake things up? Got some new ideas? Use a consultant and get a get out of jail free card for free.
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