Messy Ideas

The Whites of their Eyes

Social Media Marketing is so seductive, we imagine all those faceless, nameless individuals who will encounter our offering in the endless folds of the web and immediately purchase!!
No need to grapple with their objections, their beliefs, or their anxiety. That's fine if you're Pick 'n Pay but for a Solopreneur growing a business, it sadly just ain't so.
Making a sale still depends on trust, empathy, and a genuine understanding of the customer's problem, and frankly those are human elements which are very very difficult to convey remotely, and so easy with a handshake, a smile, a conversation.
So you can either shout louder and louder on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook, or you can do the work of building, and maintaining those relationships, because the virtuous cycle comes when the people who trust you recommend you to people who trust them. And yes, that recommendation can be sharing your post with someone who needs your offering.
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