Messy Ideas

Have you herd?

We are herd creatures, or pack creatures, or troop members - essentially we survive in highly co-ordinated collectives, or as Brene Brown so elegantly puts it, we are here to connect; neurobiologically, we are here to connect. Like other mammals, we find safety in the collective, but unlike other mammals, our most distinguishing feats are a function of belonging to a collective. Language for example has no purpose without other humans, and neither do art and writing.
Once you have come to terms with the idea of the individual as a node of a collective, then the idea of a business as a community starts to make sense. And why you ask should one view a business as a community? Well, it's a very easy way to get over the old fashioned hierarchical model, and start to make space for each individual to contribute without having to be constantly herded (pun deliberate) because we are hard wired to operate in a herd, so all know where we fit in and how to contribute, and we do - all the way to the very best of our ability.
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