Messy Ideas

Work / Life balance

It implies that you're dead at work.

For many people, their work defines them, provides meaning, is integral to their identity, but yes, there is more to life than work:
Facebook, family, food, sanity etc. etc.
The current problem originated in the post WWII 50's when women were pushed out of formal employment in favour of the returning soldiers, and were sold the American Dream of homemaking.
Suddenly the working man no longer had any influence at home, and smothered by scatter cushions and designer meals, he retreated into work where he still had authority, and began needing to "work late" - and when the work no longer justified the hours, they invented working on the work.
To the point that these days, status is not inferred from competence, efficiency, or results, but from the hours spent on work, and now that we can work from anywhere, anytime, we do.
But... doing more of the same for longer is yielding less and less value; instead, ingenuity, innovation, and influence are the currency for success, and none of these originate in the office. They come from well rested, happy, social people. And yes, every job has some unpleasant chores, so how about focusing on:
- Glamour / Grind balance
- Rest / Results balance
- Safety / Stretch balance
or just balance Temporary / Timeless.

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