Messy Ideas

Stop pleasing your customers

We are by nature people pleasers - even the rebels are chasing approval from someone, the gang, an icon, some-one.
And this is intrinsically good - keeps the pack functional, defines roles and "all that good stuff..."
But - when you are operating as a Solopreneur, you've made a promise, as a one man operation you've made a very specific promise about what you intend to deliver, (unlike Telkom who seem to be dedicated to maintaining an unsustainable monopoly position), you have promised to deliver a particular solution to specific clients.
And I'm suggesting, that instead of chasing your tail trying to please, that you carefully focus on delivering the transformation which is at the core of your work.
Of course transformation is only possible with deep empathy, sharp awareness and strong relationships, but quick and regular self checks to hone your focus, can save everyone a lot of time and stress.

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