Messy Ideas

What's brown & sticky?

There are really only two ways to provoke action from people:
1. Fear
2. Pleasure
Because our brains are hardwired to prioritise danger, we tend towards using fear as our primary organising principle, and we've been trained in it from an early age:
"I'm going to tell your Father"
"you'll get detention"
"you're going to FAIL!!!!"
This is the stick methodology, and because it relies on an external threat, the wielder of the stick has to be ever present and ever wielding - sticking to the stick.
Pleasure on the other hand is completely intrinsic, I'm not talking about reward, that's just a stick extension, I'm talking about actual pleasure.
How does nature get us to do the things we have to do?
Eating? Pleasure!
Procreation? Pleasure!
Taking care of each other? Pleasure!
See? When you start using pleasure as an organising principle, people do stuff because they want to do it, not because they are being beaten into submission.
And what are the pleasure buttons you can use in the workplace?
Connection / Achievement / Recognition / Status / Acknowledgement, and they're all cheap as sticks.
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