The Honeymoon
It starts off so well.
Every-one knows what they have to do - yes of course they understand. Schedules are agreed, lines of communication are mapped and shared, remote access, VPNs and hardware are sorted.
The first day there's quite a bit of banter on the WhatsApp group - the photograph of the cat on the keyboard, a bit of frustration about slow downloads, but it's going great. But by day three, the silence is deafening...

So you request a status report:
Worker A comes back to saying that due to technical issues, they only received the information this morning, and won't be done by tomorrow's deadline.
Worker B says they sent you a draft yesterday and is awaiting your feedback.
Worker C is silent. Too silent.

Relieved that at least some-one is doing something, you dredge Worker B's document out of your junk folder, and discover that they have done two excellent days of work, on last year's data.

Welcome to Remote Management.
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