We are herd creatures
social connections are a primary need, as important as food and water
Strategic thinking network
People understanding network
Cortisol – the fear / anxiety chemical
  • Narrows focus
  • Reduces cognitive ability
  • Inhibits memory
  • Depresses creativity
It is impossible to learn or operate effectively while in a state of anxiety
Session 1: People, Style, Mindset
managing persuading organising controlling encouraging influencing convincing is learned behaviour
We learn from teachers parents etc.
None of these are adult to adult relationships
We are very lucky if we ever see adult interactions modelled
Fixed Mindset
Intelligence is static
Growth Mindset
Intelligence can be developed
...embrace challenges
...persist in the face of setback
...see effort as the path to mastery
...learn from criticism
...find lessons in the success of others
All this gives them a greater sense of free will
...avoid challenges
...give up easily
...see effort as fruitless or worse
...ignore useful negative feedback
...feel threatened by the success of others
As a result, they may achieve less than their full potential
Connection is why we're here... Neurobiologically it's why we're here
Just because you said it, doesn't mean it's been understood!
Ask for feedback, listen carefully to make sure that the message has been received.
The things we understand best are the things we explain worst.
Just Listen - OK?
Session 2: What makes people work?
Shawn Achor
Daniel Pink
Dan Ariely
Also Dan Pink
Session 3: Values & Brains
We, as humans, like to categorize. It makes the world easier to digest.

We fit the people around us into labels: users, coworkers, competitors.

Then they're no longer just people -- they're the boxes we've put them into. And we've removed ourselves of the burden of feeling compassion.

Which is total nonsense.

The world runs on compassion.
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