A business isn't a business until it has paying clients. Whether you're starting up, building a side hustle or reinvigorating your established business,
the Make Luck Club has a programme to help you build a reliable repeatable process to get new clients.
Guided group work sessions provide you with insights, coaching, and the practical tools to reach your ideal clients.
Adanma has been running an online magazine as a sidehustle for a couple of years, it's about black women and the issues that affect their lives called Black Coconut.
Recently she saw the opportunity to expand Black Coconut into a consultancy aimed at brand managers, using a critical diversity lens to help them speak authentically and effectively to a diverse customer base.
Adanma joined the Make Luck Club sprint to reposition Black Coconut and develop a campaign to reach her new audience.
Check it out: Black Coconut
The Make Luck Club Sprint is a one month bootcamp designed to equip you to get new clients.
The programme takes you from the problem you solve for your clients, through positioning your business, to a deep dive into who your purchaser actually is.
Together we solve your pricing, and craft the promise you make.
As we go you will all the materials you will need to communicate clearly and directly to your ideal client.
Finally we build a solid prospecting strategy, and deliver a 12 week plan to roll out a campaign which is personal, practical and professional.
Along the way we deal with the personal stress involved in being a small business owner, and share tools to build resilience, manage anxiety, and move forward in the face of fear and rejection.
We meet online twice a week for three hours as a group.
The Sprint consists of a total of nine sessions involving both discussions and practical work, so that you build market ready collateral as we go.
For 10 years Karyn has run her very successful hair salon Art of Hair. But the South African lockdown posed some challenges - her clients were anxious about going out, and she needed to reassure them. With everything driven online, she realised that she'd better get an online campaign going - and fast. Karyn joined the Make Luck Club publish community to build a consistent professional online presence.
Check it out: Art of Hair
Make Luck Club Publish is peer review and social media support community.
These days, all the social media platforms run on algorithms, so if you are just starting up, or wanting to boost your online presence, it is difficult to get seen by your audience.
Make Luck Club Publish helps you to post consistently, make sure that your content makes sense and doesn't have any hidden gremlins, and that you beat the algorithm to get seen by your target clients.
Membership is by subscription, and we meet twice a week for coaching and feedback, and to all post together.
Chris has a job, but he also has a side hustle, he's designed an Ikea style raised planter, ideal for a vegetable patch called the Box Bed Builder.
He wanted to get it out there, but wasn't sure where to start, didn't have the time, and was kind of bumbling around until he joined the Make Luck Hustle. The Hustle has forced him to schedule regular time to build his hustle, with a like minded accountability community, where he actually gets the work done.
Chris is nearly ready to unleash his Box Bed Builder on the world.
Check it out: Box Bed Builder
The Make Luck Hustle is how you definitely get the work done and get your hustle in front of the right people.
It follows the same content as the Sprint, but at a far more human pace. We meet once a week for a guided group work session during which you actually do the work necessary to get your hustle out there.
Donald is an engineer by training, but a problem solver by nature. He has worked damn hard to build a massive and complex data analysis tool which completely shifts your view on your organisation.
His process and methodology are tried and tested, but because it is based on a lot of time spent with operatives, he doesn't have the time to promote and sell Bright Ideas adequately. That's where Make Luck Club Sales comes in. Our team do the prospecting and promoting needed to get Donald those crucial meetings with the right decision makers, and get his Bright Ideas to those who need them.
Check it out: Bright Ideas
Make Luck Club Sales gets you the meetings you need with the right people.
After an initial set-up where we design a campaign alongside you, our team does the lead generation, prospecting, and outreach to get your product in front of the right people, and secure meetings.
After the initial set-up fee, we take a negotiated percentage between 8% and 12% of each contract you close and deliver.
Make Luck Club Sales allows you to give your current clients your full attention, secure in the knowledge that your sales pipeline is being maintained by our team.
I've always wanted own my own business.
I've tried a few times to start a business, but it always went nowhere, so then I'd take a break, work for someone else, get frustrated and unhappy, and then try start my own business again. Rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat...

If only I knew when I started my first business, that paying clients don't come to you - you need to go to them... it's tough! And it's as scary as hell! (Oh, and when they do come to you, don't chase them away!). Because if you don't believe in your products, or show them to the world, then why would anyone else care about them?
When I started, I took it very personally! I was so attached to the business, that I couldn't separate myself from the agony of putting my work out there.

Younger me wishes there was a Make Luck Club around at the time... I could have done with a supportive group to launch my work into the world with. It's taken me a very long time to realise that there is no substitute for trying, testing and failing... it just makes it easier when you're doing it in company.
This is why we've built the Make Luck Club
When I started my own business, scale-ability in 2015, I knew it was going to be tough, but I wasn't prepared for how tough. After all I'd done an MBA, I'd run business units of varying sizes, built projects, worked internationally, managed staff, and all this experience was incredibly useful, useful for building products that truly serve my clients, but running your own business is a different beast all together.

To build a business, you have to have a watertight system for getting paying clients. Referrals are great, but unpredictable, especially if you are not starting out with a following. And any system for getting clients requires putting yourself out there… Aaaaargh!!!! The first time I sent out a blog, I felt like I was going to vomit, and my whole body felt like a furnace. When prospects didn't return my calls I thought I was "annoying" them. My marketing materials became so complex that friends were looking at me saying: "but what do you do?". And the more I scurried down the rabbit hole, the more I tied myself in knots.

So what's the secret? Persistence, dogged persistence, and help – coaching, work groups, people to lean on and give candid feedback – something a lot like the Make Luck Club – yup, we've just built what I wish I'd had five years ago.

"business is the art of getting people to where they need to be faster than they would get there without you" - gapingvoid

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